hey queen!

Hi! I'm Kathie.

Kathie Huang

I am a third-year college student at Duke University planning on majoring in computer science with minors in finance and Chinese.

Currently @ Warner Bros. Discovery

About Me

Hi there! My name is Kathie. I'm from Renton, WA, but I go to school in North Carolina, and I will be in Spain this fall!

I am an aspiring software engineer with interests lying in both technology and business, and I hope to bridge these two passions in the future.

I've had a long history of different types of professional experience, so here we go...


Ford Motor Company
American Association of University Women
Warner Bros. Discovery
Amazon Fresh


Sep 2022 - Jan 2023
Music Map

MusicMap was a class project I worked on with a team of 6 for my Database Systems class. Together, we developed a React Native application using MongoDB for the backend that allows users to track songs played and memories made during road trips. I designed and implemented a friendship request system and added a search feature to find friends by name and Spotify username. I also worked on creating the frontend and backend for the app's profile page, which performs API calls to authenticate users via Spotify login and displays the user's Spotify information, including their profile picture, number of friends, and sent and received requests.

Haplotype Calling Pipeline
Jan 2022 - May 2023
Haplotype Calling Pipeline

I worked as a student researcher at the Duke Malaria Collaboratory for around a year and a half during the school year, building a bioinformatic pipeline using the workflow management system Snakemake. The pipeline takes in raw data and outputs relevant sample-level haplotype information. I also got the opportunity to use the pipeline I developed to analyze the correlation of drug-resistance allele frequencies in children and different pools of pregnant women located in regions of Mozambique. For the work I have done with this project, I will be listed as a co-author on one of the postdoc's manuscripts, which presents an optimization study on amplicon deep sequencing of malaria parasite marker genes from dried blood spots, showcasing successful haplotype recovery while addressing challenges related to false positive rates, low-density samples, and minority haplotypes. It's super cool to think that my contributions, no matter how small, are making an impact in the field of malaria studies, and it inspires me to continue pursuing opportunities where I can make even bigger positive changes in the future!

Todo App
July 2023
Todo App

This to-do app is a project I developed using Next.js, Prisma, and PlanetScale that allows users to add, check off, and delete tasks, with buttons to filter tasks based on completion. The frontend is built with React, and it communicates with the backend API implemented with Next.js serverless functions. The backend uses Prisma as the ORM to interact with the MySQL database hosted on PlanetScale, which provides scalability and reliability for the app's data storage. This was a fun project I made to practice and improve my full-stack development skills 🙂

Awards and Honors

  • Jul 2023 - Delta Gamma Fraternity Management Corporation Scholarship
  • Aug 2022 - Ford Technology & Software Platform Intern Innovation Challenge Winner
  • Jun 2021 - Issaquah School District CTE & Computer Science Student of the Year
  • Jun 2021 - Liberty High School CTE - Computer Science Student of the Year
  • Jun 2021 - Washington State Honors Award Recipient
  • May 2021 - National Merit Scholar
  • Apr 2021 - Google Generation Scholar
  • Apr 2021 - Science Olympiad State Medalist
  • Jan 2021 - DECA State Career Development Conference 9-Time Qualifier
  • Dec 2020 - Congressional App Challenge Winner
  • Oct 2020 - Rotary Student of the Month
  • Aug 2020 - Jumpstart EdTech Hackathon 3rd for Best Tech
  • Jul 2020 - National AP Scholar
  • Mar 2020 - DECA International Career Development Conference Qualifier
  • Jan 2020 - American Association of University Women Certificate of Excellence in Technology